Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revolutionary Soup

Since Allie had to work this weekend and I didn't, I decided to bring her lunch at work today.  I went to one of my old stand-by's - Revolutionary Soup.  For those of you who have not been, Rev Soup is a Charlottesville staple that specializes in homemade soups, sandwiches, wraps, and salads utilizing the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms.  You can also pick up a variety of local (and not-so-local) wine and beer at reasonable prices.  They have 2 locations in town - the original on the Downtown Mall and a newer space on the UVA Corner.
I ordered Allie her favorite combination - Spicy Senegalese Peanut Tofu soup with an Adam's Apple sandwich.  The peanut tofu soup is a thick, creamy soup made out of - you guessed it - peanuts and tofu.  It is spiced with jalapenos giving it a not-so-subtle but not-mouth-on-fire heat and then topped off with crisp scallions and cilantro.  For a vegan and gluten-free dish, its pretty darn tasty!  The Adam's Apple, meanwhile, is a Charlottesville legend.  Start with a pile of smoky sliced turkey, cover that with creamy chevre cheese, and add tangy garlic aioli and you have the start of a good sandwich.  But Rev Soup doesn't stop there - they add salty bacon and fresh arugula to the mix.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Well we're not done yet.  Top all that off with crisp, thinly-sliced granny smith apples and house-made apple butter and put it all on toasted sunflower wheat bread.  Okay, now I'm done.  It might sound like a lot to put on one sandwich, but believe me (and everyone else I know who's tried it), it definitely works!

For my own lunch, I opted for the Garlic Garden wrap paired with beef chili.  Let me first say that I am a carnivore at heart and very rarely choose a vegetarian option when faced with choices that include meat.  But the garlic garden wrap is on exception to this.  Imagine roasted red peppers, melted red onions, creamy avocado, lettuce and tomato smothered with melted cheese and topped off with smooth, garlic-infused cream cheese.  Rev Soup prepares the garlic garden 2 ways: wrapped in a flower tortilla or piled on sunflower wheat bread.  I generally prefer the wrap, as it makes for a somewhat healthier and easier to eat sandwich.  As for the beef chili, Rev Soup uses local Timberwood Creek beef combined with hearty chunks of green & red pepper, onion, and beans in a smoky, spicy, and subtly sweet base - making for a warm-your-soul-on-a-cold-day kind of chili that perfectly "meats-up" the vegetarian wrap. 

Overall Impression: Fresh, flavorful, and locally-sourced soup and sandwiches that are simply revolutionary!

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Contact Information:
           Revolutionary Soup
           Corner Location:
                      104 14th Street Northwest
                      Charlottesville, VA 22903
                      (434) 979-9988
           Downtown Location:
                      108 2nd Street SW
                      Charlottesville, VA 22902
                      (434) 296-SOUP (7687)

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