Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wine Review: Seven by King Family Vineyards

Let me preface this review by telling you that I have never been a huge fan of after-dinner wines.  That being said, King Family has definitely won me over with their Seven.  As they will always mention at the tasting room, the wine is named after the "Seventh Chukker" in polo - which apparently is like the "19th hole" in golf - a very appropriate name for an after-dinner wine.  Seven is made from 100% Merlot, which is fortified with brandy and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for two years.  The result is a complex and luscious port-style wine.  Seven has hints of oak and smoke on the nose.  The flavors of the Merlot fruit can be identified in the wine, which then finishes with touches of caramel and vanilla imparted by the bourbon barrels.  A word of caution - Seven clocks in at 18% alcohol by volume, so be careful!

Now, this is not a review of King Family Vineyards themselves, but I will mention one of the most unique aspects of King Family.  The winery has a polo field located just outside the tasting room, where they host the extremely popular summertime Roseland Polo events and the annual Pink Ribbon Polo Classic.  Polo kicks off May 26th this year with the Pink Ribbon Classic on June 16th.

Overall Impression: Slightly sweet, subtly smokey, and dangerously smooth - Seven is the perfect finish to just about any meal! 

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Contact Information:
          King Family Vineyards
          6550 Roseland Farm, Crozet, VA 22932

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